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Rocks - KS2

Rocks KS2

Lesson 1, in school, prepare for the visit by understanding and learning how to identify different rock types through experiments and games.
Lesson 2, at church,  working scientifically, discover the rock types used as for building stone and other purposes, erosion and optionally fossils and lichens.
Lesson 3, in school, after the visit review findings and consolidate learning through questions and responses and sharing learning with others, including beyond the school

Our Teachers' Pack

  • shows how the lessons link to the National Curriculum for Science- both for Rocks and for Working Scientifically
  • gives the learning objectives of each lesson
  • provides lesson plans for the 3 lessons, with some differentiated tasks.
  • includes resource sheets which can be modified as required
  • has advice for the school and church about the visit

In addition, Ladbroke Church can lend you samples of rocks and fossils and equipment such as loupes (hand lenses) as described in the teachers' pack.