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Schools - general info

A visit to Ladbroke and its church offers a memorable opportunity to meet and exceed the curriculum.

We would love you to bring your pupils to Ladbroke Church and we can provide financial support (cost of coach) for a number of schools in the area.  

We are equally happy to support your local church host the "visit" lesson or bring it into your classroom.

For more information please contact [email protected]

We know teachers want to teach, so we have done some of the preparation for you.  Our resources include ideas, worksheets and equipment to borrow.

All our documents can be downloaded and adapted as you wish under Creative Commons Licence CC BY.  If you use them, please let us know what works well and how we could make them even better.


What subjects?

At present we have teacher packs and resources available for :
Religious Education
at KS1, Lower KS2 and Upper KS2.
Rocks KS2 Rocks

Ladbroke has a very rich history and we have lots of ideas as well as access to scientists and engineers. We would like to work with teachers to develop modules on other subjects, especially Local History and STEM subjects such as Sound, Electricity, Time and  Applied Maths.  If you think we can help do get in touch, see above.